Saturday, September 26, 2009

Juice Feast - Day 5

As I mentioned earlier, one of my employees just had a babe. My delivery people are also taking a break. That means that for the time being, I'm doing all the Raw Melissa orders by myself. Usually two to four of us work on Friday orders, so doing it all alone made for a long day. In the morning, I made sure to make a lot of juice so I was fully fueled for the day. I started off with a young coconut (perfect!) and followed it up with some apple, lime, and strawberry juice (delicioso!).

In the middle of the day, while working on orders, I faltered a bit for a couple reasons. Firstly, I had to make tons of spring rolls with Thai nut sauce, spinach berry salad with cinnamon walnuts, and big fat sandwiches piled with layers of veggies and glorious avocados. It was tempting. Secondly, I rece
ived a bit of a blow when one of my biggest vendors, The Real Foods Market, contacted my assistant and told her they aren't going to carry my spring rolls anymore and that they were considering not carrying my desserts anymore either because, even though they are considered a local product and I use as much organic and locally produced ingredients as I can, they aren't 100% organic. They've been one of my biggest clients for almost four years. Their customers love my products. I was devastated and ended up crying to a friend about it while making veggie sushi (no tears got in the sushi - don't worry). By the afternoon, I was emotionally drained. I was frustrated and wanted to eat some of the food I was making. In my head I vascilated between, "How about making this a five day juice fast instead of a seven day one?" and "You can do this. You are doing it. Two more days. Don't give up."

While making spring rolls, my great boyfriend called and encouraged me and listened while I let it all out. Later I told him this must have been my "break-down" day. I had one last year, too. My brother and I did the feast together last year and I remember talking to him on the phone and absolutely and utterly breaking down and sobbing. I wonder if all juice feasters/faste
rs have a break-down every now and again.

After the orders were done, I still had to deliver them, so I ran home and made some green juice with cucumbers, spinach, cilantro, green pepper and celery and then I poured the juice of a young coconut into it. It was so refreshing! I got into the car with all the meals piled up all over my back seat and made sure to tuck my green juice and some more salsa juice in amongst my invoices and some of the veggie sandwiches and I was on my way.

Delivering took about three hours and when I got home I was very tired. I rested and then my boyfriend's brother came over and I made all three of us the best limeade ever by juicing three Granny Smith apples and a quarter of a lime per glass. The boys had theirs over ice and I must say it was an absolute delight. We watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles and I drank the rest of my green juice.

Laughing and being with friends was the perfect end to a crazy day and I was so happy and grateful to have made it through yet another day of juice feasting thanks to some great support.

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i'm jefra... said...

hang in there! I fully know you can do this and Whole Foods is a poop if they drop you. Just sayin.