Thursday, September 13, 2007

For Eduardo

The other day, a man named Eduardo and his beautiful friend, Marcela, came into my store. I was struck by their upbeat energy and smiles. We started talking and Eduardo said, "I've heard that you make great food!" I gave them some samples of vanilla macaroons and chocolate truffle pie and they agreed that it's delicious. Thank you!

Eduardo told me about his mom who taught him to enjoy healthy food. He said that when she went to college in Mexico City several years ago, she was a vegetarian and practiced yoga.

It made me think of the reasons why people choose to come to a place of health. I come into contact with hundreds of people who have arrived on this path, and the two most common reasons why they're here, are that they were either taught this way by their parents or that they became unhealthy and were compelled to search for a way to feel better. I became a "health nut" because my mother and my maternal grandmother taught me to take care of my body by eating well... and now look how it's evolved!

What brought you to a place of heath? Or, is that why you're here reading this blog?

Before Eduardo and Marcela left, Eduardo said, "You haven't written on your blog!" I said, "I know, you're right! I've had such a busy summer, but I need to update it. How about if I update my blog just for you? That way I'll actually do it and that will get me started writing regularly again?!" I sent them off with some spoons full of chocolate truffle pie and made a goal to get writing right away. So here you go Eduardo! Thanks for the motivatinal kick in the...knee!