Thursday, October 30, 2008

Raw Vegan Gourmet Entrees

Guess What?!

We are now offering Raw Vegan Gourmet Entrees!

After three years of remarkable success selling raw vegan gourmet desserts at health food stores throughout Utah, I hired a new chef and added gourmet entrees to my list of creations.

Our menu is updated weekly and we can ship anywhere in Utah for $25 and anywhere in the US for overnight shipping costs! See all the details here.

"Raw Melissa's food is fabulous. The presentation, taste, and flavor are unbelievable, heavenly and beautiful. It is by far the best raw gourmet food on the planet!"
S.P. Lindon, UT

Shelley Abegg

I can't even begin to describe the journey this woman has been on. She is one of the most kind, gracious and loving people I have ever met. Read her story here:

Shelley Abegg

KINDNESS...Cycle it Forward

I had the absolutely amazing opportunity of meeting Brock Tully, the man who is behind the KINDNESS...Cycle it Forward tour across the US and Canada. His purpose is, "To promote the principle of kindness by means of a solo, 9-month, 18,000 km [just over 11,000 miles] cycling journey throughout the western United States and southern British Columbia." My dear friend Don Kirchner, author of the book and soon to be movie, "A Matter of Time" let me know that he was coming through our city. Brock depends on the kindness of strangers to get him through his journey, staying at their homes and eating with them whenever possible. When I heard I could be a part of his tour by donating some healthy food, I emailed his executive co-ordinator right away. Brock came into town on Tuesday where I picked him up at a bike shop and took him straight to the Raw Melissa kitchen. There I fed him a huge salad, a strawberry green smoothie and of course, some of the famous Raw Melissa Pumpkin Pie. Later that evening we had a great dinner with him where we were graced with stories from his lifetime of promoting kindness. Check out his blog to read updates on his daily journey and remember to be kind!


Always love,