Thursday, October 30, 2008

Raw Vegan Gourmet Entrees

Guess What?!

We are now offering Raw Vegan Gourmet Entrees!

After three years of remarkable success selling raw vegan gourmet desserts at health food stores throughout Utah, I hired a new chef and added gourmet entrees to my list of creations.

Our menu is updated weekly and we can ship anywhere in Utah for $25 and anywhere in the US for overnight shipping costs! See all the details here.

"Raw Melissa's food is fabulous. The presentation, taste, and flavor are unbelievable, heavenly and beautiful. It is by far the best raw gourmet food on the planet!"
S.P. Lindon, UT

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Book Look Column Author said...

Melissa I have been trying to call you since I need a good raw dessert for this Friday. I may not have your correct phone so could you leave me a comment on my blog?