Monday, April 21, 2008

Another New Kitchen and Workshop!


About a year ago, I wrote a post about moving to a new kitchen. I was sharing the kitchen with two other women who have similar businesses. One of the women, Agi, recently got a contract so big, that she needed the whole space to expand. I found a space closer to home so it worked out great for all of us. Julia is working in my kitchen, preparing meals for private clients under the Raw Melissa name, and we are having a great time together!

Besides preparing food, I'm teaching a lot of workshops in this new space, so I painted it a beautiful carrot juice color (hehe) and layed down a nice wood floor. We have some beautiful pictures of food on the walls and are just putting some happy quotes and sayings up, too. The space is truly conducive to the high energy, delicious and healthy foods that are made there.

Here are some great pictures of our last workshop and the new space!

I hope to see you at our upcoming workshops!

Always love,