Saturday, September 26, 2009

Juice Feast - Day 4

I went to bed starving last night. When I'm hungry, I don't like saying " I'm starving" because I'm not really starving, I'm just really hungry. By last night, though, I'm pretty sure I was starving. I went to bed feeling a little empty, but exhaustion won out and I climbed into bed. Soon though, my stomach started growling. I ignored it and it started roaring. I ignored it some more and pretty soon it felt like my hunger was eating my insides. Still, I was too sleepy to go and drink some more juice (and I even had some made!). Finally I drifted off and slept like a rock!

This morning I woke up feeling terrible. I thought it might be a sign of how my day was going to go, but once I got some juice in my belly, I felt great! I started off with a quart of crenshaw melon juice and a couple hours later drank another quart the famous salsa juice I drank yesterday.
In keeping with the blended fruits and veggies theme, I decided to make myself a hydrating face mask. I threw some spinach, olive oil, coconut oil, and a bit of apple in my blender and blended it until it was smooth and creamy. I let it harden in the freezer for a bit and then slathered it all over my face (notice the greenish tone to my skin in the picture to the left?). It was fun to nourish my face with the same things Ive been drinking all week.

While my gorgeous green mask was on, I busied myself with laundry and cleaning and some Raw Melissa administrative work. Later I did a bunch of shopping for tomorrow's orders and since I had to get spring roll paper and nori seaweed sheets at the Asian Market, I decided to grab a case of young coconuts. I usually drink the water of a young coconut or two everyday when I'm juice fasting, but I hadn't had time to get any until today! I also bought two bottles of kombucha as a treat.

Back at the Raw Melissa kitchen I commenced to make the famous and seasonal pumpkin pies. Wanna know the secret ingredient? Carrot juice. Sooooo, since I had to make so much carrot juice, of course I made some for myself. But here's the best part: I put cinnamon and ground ginger in it. Talk about a delightful drink. It really hit the spot!

I had to attend two football games in the evening, so I whipped up some juice to take with me. I blended a zucchini (a fairly large one) with two nectarines and a couple pluots. I'm sure people at the game found my drinking of the green goop pretty funny, but I quite enjoyed it. The fruit totally overpowered any zucchini flavor, and the zucchini gave it a nice creamy texture.

Before bed, I drank a bit of raspberry kombucha and settled in for an absolutely amazing night of sleep. This was a great juice feasting day.

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